#66 Selection-render extremely slow...

OpenGLContext v2.0
Context (22)
Mike C. Fletcher

Scenes that are rendering tens of frames/second are
slowing to 1/sec or so when doing selection rendering
passes. Not sure why, need to see what's causing the


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    Incorrect assumption in the error report. What's happening
    is that mouse-over calls which don't cause a triggerRedraw
    just keep piling up. Since the animations being viewed are
    updated by a call to triggerRedraw in an _IDLE_ handler,
    they are never getting updated. Individual rendering for
    the selection pass is progressing at acceptable speed, it's
    just that that's all that is being done. Will need to
    rethink how the animations are being done, since the idle
    time really isn't reliable under heavy load.

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    Now fixed in CVS. TimeEvents are now tracked while
    generated, and the context decides whether to render based
    on whether any were generated/processed. This gives very
    nice animation, and even lets light-weight scenes with
    timer-based animations run with very low processor overhead.
    Also lowered the default render poll time to be 0.01
    seconds instead of 0.05 to give smoother animations when
    using timers.