#25 Problems on installations on sunos5

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Hi, I just installed PyOpenGL on Suns (Solaris, sunos5)
at University of Oulu, where I teach graphics.
I had a couple of minor problems, which I solved.

(1) missing config file. Using linux config file worked
cp linux.cfg sunos5.cfg

(2) I was compiling without swig, and
wouldn't compile. Fix:
in file src/interface/GL.EXT.vertex_array.0110.inc
add after line 741

(3) togl has always the same problem. From my notes:
have to modify line 141 in togl.c, just add
#include "tkInt.h"
(and comment away text "Sorry, ...")
then remove all the tk*.h files, (including tkInt.h)

(4) NeHe demos: they didn't run as the workstation
didn't support alpha buffers. Removing GLUT_ALPHA from
fixed it, and I don't think those demos need HW alpha
in any case.

You might consider 1,3, and 4 features, but 2 at least
is a real bug.


Kari Pulli


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    You might consider using a CVS checkout. Many of these
    bugs have been already been fixed in CVS.

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    Had the same problem. I don't have gcc installed on my sun
    OS box (Solaris 8). Can we do this build with the CC compiler
    on Sun or do I have to get gcc?

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    #4 is now fixed in CVS, just removed GLUT_ALPHA from all of
    the demos I found it in, they all still appear to work.
    (BTW, please file seperate bug reports when the errors are
    this different in character, I never even looked at this
    report as I'd assumed it was all solaris-specific build bugs)

    I'm assuming that 1 is already taken care of by the
    config/sunos.cfg file in current CVS. If not, scream and
    I'll create a copy of linux.cfg.

    #3 sounds fishy, as there is a reason for including the
    tkint.h files, if I guess correctly, you have a very old Tk?
    Either that or Tk 8.3 (which is the "normal" one for
    building)? I'd like some sort of rationale for those
    changes, as I'm pretty sure they'll break everything except
    Solaris, and TOGL is really _not_ my strong suit (I don't
    use Tk).

    I'm assuming for now that #2 and #3 are the ones Tarn
    described as already fixed (#4 definitely wasn't). With
    that assumption, I'm marking this pending (awaiting
    confirmation or refutation from people with Solaris
    installations that the current CVS version either does or
    doesn't fix all of the issues).

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