#122 Togl fails on many modern Linux due to stubs

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Jeff Epler

python -c 'import OpenGL.Tk' segfaults at the
Tcl_GetVersion() call on several modern linux
varieties, at least Debian Testing, Mandrake 10, RedHat
9, and Fedora Core 2.

By removing the lines macros = [ ('USE_TCL_STUBS', 1)
... ], in togl_setup.py I get a working PyOpenGL build
with Togl on RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 2. The people I
talked to on IRC with Mandrake 10 and Debian Testing
have not yet tried this change.

I don't know whether this is actually a bug in tcl/tk
(clearly stubs *SHOULD* work) but if it doesn't work on
so many major Linux vendors' systems OOTB this
workaround should be used. If stubs are still useful
on Windows, maybe it should be chosen based on


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    • milestone: --> v2.0.1
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    Strangely, works OOTB on Gentoo AMD64 (or did last time I
    checked). What is going on with these consumer-oriented
    distributions lately? Seems like every time we turn around
    we've got another break on them. Sigh.

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    When using stubs, togl must be built with -ltclstub**
    -ltkstub** instead of -ltcl -ltk. This appears to be done
    for win32, but not linux. Options include turning off stubs
    (as suggested) or linking with the right lib. I've got a
    patch for togl_setup.py that appears to fix it.