Pydev 1.6.2 Released

Pydev 1.6.2 Release Highlights:

* Pydev is now also distributed with Aptana Studio 3, so it can be gotten in a version that doesn't require installing it as a separate plugin. Get it at:

* Django templates editor (requires Aptana Studio 3)

o Supports HTML files with HTML, CSS and Javascript
o Supports CSS files
o Outline page
o Code-completion for Django templates based on templates (window > preferences > pydev > django templates editor > templates)
o Code-completion for HTML, CSS and Javascript
o Syntax highlighting based on the templates with the 'Django tags' context
o Colors based on the Aptana themes

* Python 2.7 grammar supported
* Fixed indexing issue on contents getting getting stale in the cache
* Fixed issue where the partitioning became wrong when entering a multiline string
* Colors in the compare editor are now correct when using the Aptana themes
* Extract method refactoring now works with "import" and "from ... import" inside a method
* Source folders now appear before other folders
* Fixed False positive on code analysis when using the property decorator

Posted by Fabio Zadrozny 2010-09-07