can not delete idle task

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  • Irfan Uygur
    Irfan Uygur


    i've found PTM by accident but i'm really happy to find and use it.
    I've got 1 question though : i can not delete idle tasks in the tasks log.
    I've tried and categorized tasks can be deleted but not idle tasks.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, i could've filled in the bugtracker but i don't know if this is the intended behaviour or this is a bug

    PS: I'm using version 1.4.3 on windows XP prof. edition.

    Thanks in advance

    • Idle entries can't be deleted. Don't worry about it, this entries are automatically deleted from the database.

      Carlos Estrada

    • Thanks for the answer Carlos, i was seeing a lot of idle tasks and was afraid it would clutter the task list