Gossip and Program E


  • Anonymous

    I have been struggling with this for hours today and have yet to receive any insights.  I am attempting to use <gossip><gossip/> in a bot, however the results are not as expected.

    Input: I am very tired.
    Output: Fermi I am glad to hear that you are very tired tired.

    Below is the source for the aiml file being used.
    In fact this nearly identical to what is used in the std-65percent.aiml included in standard-aiml-1.1.17-programe.zip  Why does it work in one implementation and not mine?
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

    <aiml version="1.0">
    <pattern>I AM *</pattern>
    <think><set name="it"><set name="is"><star/></set></set></think>
    <set name="name">Fermi</set>
    <think><gossip>Did you know <get name="name"/> was <star/>?</gossip></think>
    <li>Why are you </li>
    <li>Good gossip: you are </li>
    <li>Do you mean your name is </li>
    <li>Do your friends call you </li>
    <li>I don't know anyone named </li>
    <li>I am glad to hear that you are </li>
    <li>It's good to meet someone who is </li>
    <li>Do you mind if I tell other people you are </li>
    </random> <star/>.