#10 suggestion about improvement on docking

baggio Smith

Hi ,remember me? I am baggio1987. I haven't logged on the Pnotes for a long time. I am very excited that you release the 4.7Rc, and adopt some of my suggestion. I really thank you.

I have used this tiny useful tool for several months. and I give you a suggestion that I think can enhance the experience of your software.

Left click the icon on the tray. select "docking". whatever selection I choose, all of the notes are in the unroll state. most time I only wanna see the captain so that I can see more notes on the screen. Now if I wanna tidy the notes. I have to use mouse arrange them one by one.

I hope you can add a button "roll all" which can roll all notes so that I can make them all on the left of my screen orderly easily.

Wish you happy! : )


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