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PMA Open Source Software / News: Recent posts

check_log3.pl update 3.11b

Added lib search path for BSD systems, and added plugin time-out override option (--timeout).

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2015-01-02

check_log3.pl update 3.11a

Bugfix release which fixes incorrect globbing when using --logfile-pattern with log files whose paths contain spaces.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2014-07-15

check_log3.pl update 3.11

This version adds better Unicode and character set translation support. With --input-enc you can now correctly process files that are encoded in UTF-16 or simply in a different encoding from your locale's default. Likewise, with --output-enc you can change the encoding of the output, in case your Nagios server doesn't like UTF-8. And finally, the --crlf option strips CR characters from the output, so DOS/Windows line endings in the logs don't mess up the output.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2014-06-29

check_log3.pl update 3.10b

Merged patch from Wesley Moore for an --add (-A) option, which makes the plugin combine multiple patterns (specified via -p or -P) using AND instead of the default OR.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2014-06-10

check_log3.pl update 3.10

Several new features and fixes:
- Takes multiple -p and -n options on the command line
- new option: --negate
- new option: --report-first-only, to output first match instead of last
- new option: --missing, to set a custom exit state if the log is missing
- output change: always returns matched line(s) even if state is OK (--quiet supresses this new behaviour)
- Several portability fixes
- Revised documentation

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2014-04-10

check_log3.pl update 3.7c

Fixed some portability issues in the seek file auto-generation code.
This is a bugfix release for Win32 systems only, Unix users need not upgrade.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-10-16

check_log3.pl update 3.7b

This update finally supports dynamic log files, i.e. filenames that contain timestamps, indexes, or are otherwise variable. There are three new options, -m, -t and --timestamp, to select the filename you want to monitor based on a bunch of criteria, including just "most recent".

Define the directory and fixed filename component with -l, the variable component with -m, and use -t to refine the final selection if there are still multiple options. Some of the more common date(1) format macro's are supported with -m, and with --timestamp you can make these refer to another time than "now".... read more

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-10-11

Nagios plugins and sudo

What I learned today: you have to put the following line in your /etc/sudoers file if you are trying to run plugins using sudo and they are not producing any output:

Defaults:nagios !requiretty
Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-04-11

check_log3.pl update 3.5a

It seems 3.5 didn't work with the embedded Perl interpreter, oops. This is (hopefully) fixed now.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-04-11

check_log3.pl update 3.5

The check_log3.pl plugin now supports a new --context (-C) option to return lines of "context" before and/or after a match, à la "grep -C".

Note: if you use -e and modify $parse_out, no context will be returned, only $parse_out. If you want to change the output when using -C, modify @line_buffer instead, this list contains the lines of data up to and including the matched line. You cannot change read-ahead lines in this manner.... read more

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-04-08

rrd2csv update

The rrd2csv_new.pl script has been updated to properly pad columns with missing data, and support a configurable delimiter character.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-02-04

check_log3.pl update 3.4

The plugin now returns performance data.

  • The number of matching lines is returned under the label "lines".
  • If -e is used, the number of lines matching the custom code is also returned (label = "parsed").
  • The custom eval code can change the perfdata output by modifying the value of $perfdata, e.g. for when you want to graph the actual figures appearing in the log file.
Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2013-01-11

check_log3.pl updated to 3.3a

I've rewritten the new -a feature as it didn't play nice with -e.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2012-11-26

A few updates

Updated check_log3.pl:
- added -a option to make the script output all matching line instead of just the last one (contributed by Ian Gibbs)
- added -P option for reading the pattern from a file, one per line, OR'ed together

Updated check_netapp-du:
- bug fix: no longer returns bogus data in situations where the amount of disk space used reported by a volume is smaller than the quota space used by a QTree in that volume (it now accounts for deduplication, in other words)

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2012-11-23

check_netapp-du updated

Small update to improve the precision of threshold checking on very large filesystems.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2012-10-17

check_log3.pl updated

The previous version had a very silly bug in it, sorry about that.
Now outputs fatal errors to Nagios rather than just dying.

Posted by Peter Mc Aulay 2012-09-10