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Portable Linux Auditing CD / News: Recent posts

PLAC 2.9.5

Take a look at the changelog for updated features. Enjoy!

Posted by x 2001-10-10

PLAC-announce mailing list

Added a announcement list for releases.

Posted by x 2001-08-24

PLAC-2.9.1 Released

Lots of changes since the last online release. Enjoy!

Posted by x 2001-07-18

PLAC 2.8.2

New diskless mode
Newer kernel
Better hardware detection

Posted by x 2001-05-13

PLAC 2.7.6

I just uploaded 2.7.6, noticing that the last release on sourceforge was 2.7.0
Lots of new changes from the last release, take a look at changelogs.

Posted by x 2001-05-01

PLAC-devel mailing list open

I just created a plac-devel mailing list, it will soon be open.

Posted by x 2001-04-24

2.7.0 Release

Cleaned up alot of the boot error messages. It does a more intelligent scan of the ide and scsi bus now.

Posted by x 2001-04-21

2.6.5 Released

2.6.5 Released.... Please report errors/bugs and things you want added.

Posted by x 2001-04-20

2.6.3 Released

DMA modes now work.

Posted by x 2001-04-15

PLAC-2.6.2 Released

Another version, some things fixed. Read the ChangeLog

Posted by x 2001-04-14

PLAC-2.6.1 Released

2.6.1 is stable, new features are 2.4.3 kernel, ifconfig scripts, updated docs.

Posted by x 2001-04-13