Win32 problem

  • eruiz

    Hi all,

    Gaim doesn't start in WinXP platform, the message provided by gaim-debug version is:

    Loaded exchndl.dll
    Could not read reg key 'HKLM' subkey 'SOFTWARE\GTK\2.0' value: 'DllPath'
    Error: 2
    GTK+ path found: C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\GTK\2.0\bin
    SetDllDirectory not supported
    Setting current directory to GTK+ dll directory
    Using Win2k (SP3+) / WinXP (No SP).. Checking SafeDllSearch
    SafeDllSearchMode is set to 0
    Setting locale: LANG=es
    wgaim: wgaim_init start
    wgaim: This version of user32.dll contains FlashWindowEx
    wgaim: shfolder.dll not found. Loading it..
    wgaim: This version of shfolder.dll contains SHGetFolderPathA
    wgaim: Gaim settings dir: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Datos de programa
    wgaim: wgaim_init end

    Any idea to solve it?


    • Daniel Atallah
      Daniel Atallah

      cygwin in your PATH? see

    • Paul Bilke
      Paul Bilke

      Mine does exactly the same thing.  It does not crash just exits.  No .rpt file is produced in the install directory.  It indicates XP no service pack when in fact the machine is SP2.  This machine also has dual monitors and there is some talk of issues with that.