Another features request / wish list

  • Carlos C Soto
    Carlos C Soto

    Hello there, I have a little "wish list" about some requests.

    I don't know if this is a bug or a point in the middle of two current features:
    I think would be great to have sounds when a new message arrives and you are not on the the message window. Actually I see this two options:
    1) A sound when recieve a message that start a conversation
    2) A sound when recieve a message
    How about an option:
    3) A sound when recieve a message not on the current conversation. :D

    Another one:
    I already see that smileys supports themes GREAT!! how about themes on buddy list / status list. I see that for now is using the files on /usr/share/pixmaps/gaim/status/default/
    How about ~/.gaim/status/<theme> and the option on prefs.xml:
    <pref name='status'> <pref name='theme' type='string' value='/home/eclipxe/.gaim/status/amsn-tux/theme' /> </pref>

    Another one:
    How about add a \r\n string after a nickname (actually several protocols supports long nicknames) and/or cut nickname after X chars (by adding "..." or something)

    Another one:
    An hybrid state contact list:
    group 1 (on line)
    group 2 (on line)
    offline (all groups)

    I think is all I have, also I wish to do this I was trying, but I can understad the program to make this. :s

    Thanks a lot!


    • Anonymous

      I dont see an option for msn's audio conversion and webcam feature. A client for the msn without these is not very gud

      • Carlos C Soto
        Carlos C Soto

        I think streaming audio / video is a not than simple task. I understand that msn uses UPNP for audio and video transmitions, so, If you have this option I don't imagin a possible way to make it funcion for linux clients or even the windows client... but every is possible. I think (i'm using IMs from more than 7 years) the audio/video subsystem is not a priority, and it would be great but not a basic requerement for msn protocol/client/user

        • Justin Haygood
          Justin Haygood

          MSN uses UPNP when behind a NAT that supports UPNP NAT Transversal to open up the ports needed for audio and video. If a direct connection is possible (at least one not behind a NAT), it doesn't use UPNP.

          BUT, it does use UDP