#36 The UI should remember that one wants to encrypt messages

Bill Tompkins
Xavier Lagraula


The issue is very simple: on Gaim 1.5.0 (Windows, not
tested on Linux yet) with gaim-encryption 2.38, I need
to reenable encryption ("Tx: ..." button) each and
every time I open a window to start a discussion.

This is very cumbersome and error prone. The plugin
should remerber the latest setting for each contact.
Ideally, the preferences shall allow for a default,
permanent choice.

Thinking about it, the tests we made here and which
raised this issue also proved that the option to
encrypt automatically if the peer also uses the plug-in
does not work. I'll fill a bug report later, if we can
confirm this.

Xavier Lagraula


  • Bill Tompkins
    Bill Tompkins

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    > Ideally, the preferences shall allow for a default,
    > permanent choice.

    You mean like the "Turn Auto-encrypt on" option in the buddy
    list, that allows you to specify that encryption should be
    on by default for that buddy?

    The "Encrypt automatically if peer uses the plugin" option
    only works on some protocols (notably AIM). For some
    others, there is no straightforward way to alert the client
    on the other side that you have Gaim-Encryption loaded.


  • Bill Tompkins
    Bill Tompkins

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