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phpwiki-1.2.7 released

phpwiki-1.2.7 contains minor feature enhancement and fixes, detected in the cvs release-1_2-branch, backported from 2001 and early 2002 fixes, which were never released with 1.2.3 up to 1.2.6.
cvs tags are also properly updated for the -b release-1_2-branch

  • full xhtml conformity
  • split_pagename in title and header to help google
  • "INSTALL.Mac OS X" added from cvs
  • lib/zipfile.php: Content-Disposition: attachment
  • lib/config.php, lib/stdlib.php: support new USE_LINK_ICONS and AUTOSPLIT_WIKIWORDS, better i18n $!WikiNameRegexp
  • re-added images/* LINK_ICONS, pre-calculate DATA_PATH
  • locale/*: fix and update strings and templates esp. for german,
  • index.php: urlparser extended to omit &start_debug=1 and other args
  • added minor_edit checkbox
  • print more meta tags: robots, favicon, language and PHPWIKI_VERSION
  • dbalib: dba default detection for dba/dbm and take best handler, fix timeout logic, improve error diagnostics: print errors after the first failing attempts


Note, that 1.2.x is not in active development, and probably insecure, but is 10x faster and has 10x less features than the current 1.3.x development branch. A new 1.3.11 release will arrive soon.

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-01-07