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#71 Sorting columns in phpwiki

Stefan Schorn


there is a big problem for users using wiki not only in
english environment. sorting in other areas is
different than english sorting. in germany we make no
difference between lower and uppercase letters, "ä" is
like "ae" and "ü" like "ue" etc. so we have a totally
differnt sorting than the english one.

backlinks and titlesearch ... are some of the problems
when displaying the list ....

now the idea:

is it possible to implement one sorting function which
can be changed to language speciffic sorting. Also it
should be possible to enabled database sorting instead
of program sorting. if you have the right databse
codepage only db sorting must be anabled. if you have
flatfile or wrong codepage you can sort it by program.

All plugins should be changed to use this central
sorting function or alternate only db sort which is faster.

there is an good example for language specific sorting,
look at the comment from "ulrichUNDERSCOREalexis at
yahoo dot com
04-Mar-2005 04:03" at

whould be a great help for the rest of the world

Regards Stefan


  • Reini Urban
    Reini Urban

    Logged In: YES

    Well, the database administrator would have to set this up.
    Not wiki related per se.
    Only easy on an bigger SQL database, say bigger than sqlite.
    For dba and file probably overkill.