PHP Warning: mkdir ()

  • Andrew Arnold
    Andrew Arnold


    I get a PHP warning on all my pages that says:
    Warning: "mkdir() [<a href='function.mkdir'>function.mkdir</a>]: File exists"

    I am running the wiki in a Windows Server 2003, using a file system for the DB.

    Can someone please suggest why this error is happening and how to make it go away?

    On a related note, I would be grateful if someone could clarify how these warnings are generated and how I could debug such warnings in the future. There is nothing in either the server log or the PHP log and the warning tells me nothing about which file is causing the error, much less which line of which file. Searching the files for key words from the error has also found nothing.


    • Bernard Bel
      Bernard Bel

      I don't know the solution for your problem. However I have a similar request: I have been running several PhpWikis for more than a year now. They all run perfectly except that I get error messages at the top or the bottom of pages that seem unrelated with current actions. Is there a flag that can be set in config.ini to cancel the display of these messages?