1.3.14 Notice on edit/create

  • Chris Hiestand
    Chris Hiestand

    I have migrated a debian etch (stable) installation of phpwiki to an un-debianized version because the debian version requires php4, which we don't run anymore. I have found a couple issues, but after running ?action=upgrade, the wiki is functional again.

    After saving an edited or created page I get:

    In template 'head':51 Notice[8]: Undefined index: action:

    * $action = $args['action'];

    The page is still created / edited properly, so there should not be a notice. This seems very likely to be related to this thread: http://osdir.com/ml/web.wiki.phpwiki.talk/2007-06/msg00004.html
    It doesn't seem like the end-user is supposed to have to worry about this. I'm not sure what would be unique to my install which has caused this, since I'm using the current codebase and have upgraded the database.

    Problem #2:
    On Upgrading the database via ?action=upgrade, everything is successfully upgraded, but I get this notice at the bottom:
    lib/stdlib.php:1452 Notice[1024]: Unable to open directory 'themes/default/pgsrc' for reading

    This directory does not exist in the latest codebase. If I 'mkdir themes/default/pgsrc' the notice disappears.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Reini Urban
      Reini Urban

      You can safely ignore both messages. Just debugging noise.
      Users might be worried about the first noise.

      You can fix that by $action = @$args['action'];
      or by using the latest source which does
      $action = empty($args['action']) ? 'browse' : $args['action'];

      See http://phpwiki.cvs.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/phpwiki/themes/default/templates/head.tmpl?revision=1.26&view=markup

      • Chris Hiestand
        Chris Hiestand

        Thank you very much. I'm glad the first issue already been fixed in the latest code. I've modified the line to check for the empty variable and I'm having no further important issues.