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Installation Problem

Jim Canup
  • Jim Canup
    Jim Canup

    I am setting up phpwiki 1.2.10 in a shared hosting inviroment. The server is running Linux and the Database is MySQL. I only get one database (unless I want to pay for another). Here is what I did so far...

    Copied the phpwiki directory to the server.
    Ran the MySQL Schema and created the tables in the database.
    Edited the lib/config.php like so:
    line 33: $ScriptUrl = "http://wizardstorm.com/phpwiki/index.php";
    line 37: $AdminUrl = "http://wizardstorm.com/phpwiki/admin.php";
    line 54: $WhichDatabase = 'mysql';
    line 115: $mysql_server = '*'; // blanked out for security
    line 118: $mysql_user = '
    *'; // blanked out for security
    line 121: $mysql_pwd = '*'; // blanked out for security
    line 125: $mysql_db = '
    *'; // blanked out for security

    According to the INSTALL File, this is all I should have to do.
    When I go to http://www.wizardstorm.com/phpwiki/index.php I get the following error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /vservers/moonshaeisles/htdocs/phpwiki/index.php on line 48

    Any Advice what is going wrong???



    • Reini Urban
      Reini Urban

      Well, open the file in an editor and check what's going on on line 48.
      Usually the contents of line 48 is:

        include "lib/display.php"; // defaults to FrontPage