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blank page on initial install

  • michaelbelt

    I just tried installing 1.3.12p3, and when I go to load the wiki, I get a blank page; nothing happens. I tried a number of things, even the tried and true print("debug"); at various points in index.php and other files:

    print("debug one <br />");
    print("debug two <br />");
    print("debug three <br />");

    If I hit index.php, I get debug one, and debug two, then nothing at all.

    I need to figure out if this is usable for me, but after two hours, I can't get it running. I have a very standard box, so I can't imagine what's going wrong. If I can't get the out-of-the-box DBA version to run, I can't imagine trying to get the Oracle version to run.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    • Reini Urban
      Reini Urban

      The first tip is to disable the line:
      if (@is_dir(SCRIPT_FILENAME) or realpath(SCRIPT_FILENAME) ...
      and just force including lib/main.php
      in index.php.

      This where you would look at first, and it is described there.
      The reason: enable seperate starter scripts for wikifarms, which can override startup variables - otherwise defined in config.ini.