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httpaccess lost admin connection

  • Philippe Hayer
    Philippe Hayer

    Hi all,
    I installed CVS version (2/02/2005) of phpwiki.
    Page storage in Mysql
    ALLOW_ANON_USER = true
    ALLOW_ANON_EDIT = false
    Applied Arnaud Fontaine hack to have locale to 'fr' but this appears with 'en' too.
    All work fine for classic BogoLogin but when i activate httpauth in .htaccess, administrator connection is lost after httpaccess or when i open an other page :
    -Connect with adm login/passwd thrue httpauth
    -->at the bottom of the page msg=your are registred but not connected as AdminWiki
    -Connect with adm login/passwd thrue phpwiki
    -->at the bottom of the page msg=your are connected as AdminWiki
    -Clik on a link to go to welcome page
    -->at the bottom of the page msg=your are registred but not connected as AdminWiki

    When i try to connect again i have:
    Fatal Error:
    lib/WikiDB/backend/PearDB.php:1014: Error: wikidb_backend_peardb_mysql: fatal database error

    DB Error: already exists
    (INSERT INTO session (sess_id, sess_data, sess_date, sess_ip) VALUES ...
    Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0

    WikiAdmin and regular user are declared in .htpasswd with BogoLogin syntax for user name and i use
    AUTH_USER_FILE = /var/www/wiki/.htpasswd_wk

    I tried all parameters i found concerning httpauth, but this pb still happens.
    idem with register_globals on/off
    With a regular user, connection is not lost and all is ok.

    Sounds like a bug, but perhaps i forget something ...