#428 crao theme breaks installation

Reini Urban
Peter Lundqvist

It seems (tried a few times with fresh database) that
the virgin wiki won't load using the crao theme. It
stops after

Loading Virgin Wiki

Switching to the default theme, loading the virgin wiki
and then switching back solves the problem if you want
to use the crao theme.


  • Joel Uckelman
    Joel Uckelman

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    I've investigated this problem a bit and found the following:

    When loading a virgin wiki (using every theme I've tried),
    it stops while loading ReleaseNotes. Refreshing the page
    causes the remainder of the pages to be loaded.

    I'm not sure yet whether something about the ReleaseNotes
    page is causing the problem, or if some memory or process
    limit is being hit. If I delete ReleaseNotes from pgsrc,
    loading continues up to PhpWikiPoll, and stops there.
    Deleting PhpWikiPoll lets the initial load progress a bit
    farther. I repeated this through several iterations, but
    didn't reach the end of the load process without reloading
    the page first.

  • Joel Uckelman
    Joel Uckelman

    Logged In: YES

    Ok, what I'm seeing is clearly due to hitting a memory
    limit, not to any peculiar properties of the pages being loaded:

    [client] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory
    size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9749
    bytes) in /home/uckelman/projects/phpwiki/lib/ziplib.php on
    line 829

    Why does loading a fresh wiki take such an enormous amount
    of memory? Are all the pages kept in memory simultaneously
    prior to being written to the DB? Hmm.