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#324 pear lib detection broken + login 1.3.10

Reini Urban

There are 2 small bugs that prevent v 1.3.10 to be
installed and used from scratch ( at least with mysql)


the line ( 7 ? ) :
require_once('DB.php'); // Always favor use our local
pear copy

should be rewriten as

require_once('lib/pear/DB.php'); // Always favor use
our local pear copy

Another anomaly

the line (36 ?)
require_once "DB/common.php";

should be rewriten as
require_once "common.php";

P.S. :Apache/1.3.29 (Win32) PHP/4.3.4 , mysql

There are big troubles with logging in as some user and
not anonymously ( completely broken). So any user
management and right acces management is not possible.

Thank you guys for the nice product however!


  • Reini Urban
    Reini Urban

    Logged In: YES

    Your suggestions are wrong, as stated in the ReleaseNotes.
    Users should be able to use their own and possibly updated
    pear version.
    Add lib/pear to your include_path if you don't want to use
    your own pear version.

    But we will add a better pear detection logic. (as we
    already had some years ago)

    I cannot really follow your comments on login. Works for us.

  • Logged In: YES

    Suggestion about PEAR/DB is right. I had a problem with it
    too. In INSTALL I can read:
    "PhpWiki version 1.3.3 and later includes the necessary PEAR
    libraries and
    will use it if your system PEAR library can not be found."
    So it suggests that I do not have to modify my include path.
    And that phpwiki will take its PEAR/DB without additional
    effort from my side.

    If I read release notes I would know what to do. But this is
    my first installation of phpwiki, so I do not read it.
    My suggestion is to remove comment "Always favor use our
    local pear copy" from sources. Because actually these lines
    do not favor any PEAR copy.