#224 PHPWiki 1.3.6 breaks 1.3.4 setup

Reini Urban

In short, I've been running PHPWiki 1.3.4 for the past
year give or take, and attempts to put PHPWiki 1.3.6
into place over 1.3.4 result in blank pages. One
effect I notice immediately is that session files are
NOT being generated by 1.3.6, but more in a minute.

I am using
Apache 1.3.x for Windows (currently 1.3.29)
PHP (currently 4.3.4)
* PostgreSQL (currently v7.4) running under Cygwin

Yes, I try to stay current. For the past year, I have
had PHPWiki 1.3.4 running. At one point I was working
with 1.3.5 CVS, and found that to work as well, but
figured I'd wait for the next feature "freeze" and
formal version release.

When 1.3.5 was officially released, and soon after
1.3.6, I thought I should give 1.3.6 a chance.
However, by doing the following, I found that while
1.3.4 and 1.3.5 (CVS version I've had for awhile)
worked fine, 1.3.6 simply spits out blank pages and
does not generate a PHP session ID file.

What I do is have PHPWiki in its own folder, say


then configure Apache/etc. accordingly. This works
fine. If I wish to try out a different version, I
install it in, say,


Then, once I've configure index.php to match my
settings in my working 1.3.4 version, I simply rename
directories so that, for example, 1.3.5 is now in
C:\InetPub\phpwiki (and the current version is named

If I swap 1.3.5 into place, it loads up fine. However,
if I try to do the same with 1.3.6, all I get is a
blank page. After digging a bit, I found that 1.3.6
does NOT create a session ID (which appears to be done
in ./lib/WikiUser.php if I see it right, one of the few
files which has seen major changes since 1.3.5).
Simply swapping 1.3.4 or 1.3.5 back into place brings
back the pages just fine.

So what's the scoop? If users have a PHPWiki up and
running even as new as 1.3.4, there's no way to move up
to 1.3.6? All docs indicated versions older than 1.3.1
required starting with a clean DB. Does this now need
to be modified to be 1.3.6 MUST start with a clean DB

Haven't tried starting with a clean DB yet, as I was
hoping to keep my current DB intact. Will try that
when time permits to see if it works.

Also, FYI: 1.3.6 in index.php is still listing the
version as "1.3.5pre".


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    Additional comment:

    Working with a clean DB (dropping 'wiki' database, then
    rebuilding according to install instructions) does not help.
    You would think PHPWiki would pre-populate the pages into
    PostgreSQL as it does in 1.3.4. Nope. Just a blank webpage.

    Rename directories, as mentioned in initial post, so that
    PHPWiki 1.3.4 is in place, and BAM! Pages populate, life is

    Not sure why this would be unique under Windows at this
    point. PHPWiki 1.3.4 has been great (with one minor setting
    required...removing the locale string 'en' and just making
    it ''). But so far, I am extremely UNimpressed with
    1.3.6...or 1.3.5pre as it tags itself. Still feels like a
    'pre' to me.

  • Reini Urban
    Reini Urban

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    Still the same problems?
    Got any more insight?

    Seems to be a local install problems of yours. I ran a
    cygwin postgres with msvc apache-php fine. with various
    phpwiki versions.

  • Reini Urban
    Reini Urban

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