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File area cleaned up a bit...

I've decided to hide away some of the older
releases as they only servered to confuse new
users. (I would have liked to move them to
a obsolete release group, but sf doesn't allow

The last Preview Release (PR#1) contains
everything needed to run PHPWidgets, including
the demo, the modified and the
PHPWidgets class. The Triad version is the
same thing as the tar ball, just with an
win32 installer for PHPTriad 1.4 (the version
that supports PHPLIB).... read more

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2001-11-14

PHPWidgets! demo server available again.

The demo pages are once again available on
our NT server... At the same address as before

No new PS for our 2U linux server yet. Sigh.


Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2001-03-21

PHPWidgets! demo server down...

The linux server used for the project demo
page has been down since Saturday sometime...
the system's power supply burnt out and has
not been replaced yet.

Hopefully we can get things up and running
again by the end of the week, in the mean
time I will look into installing it on our
NT server.


Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2001-03-19

PR#1 is now available in 2 flavours

PHPWidgets 0.94 PR#1 is now available as a gzip tarball and as a PHPTriad V1.4 Module ( This release should fix a number of bugs
i.e. Original Template Done error, as well as add
PHP4 support, though I think PHP3 still works
(for now).

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2001-02-07

0.94 Preview Release #0 is out

After about about an hour monkeying around with the Sourceforge "quick" file releaser
(what a hoot! :) ) which for some reason doesn't take direct uploads from my NS4.76, I ended up with a crap load of messed up releases and one good one for you folks to enjoy...

Anyway check out the new demo site... it's not the best, but at least my friends will stop complaining it looks like a pr0n site (I hope anyway).... read more

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2001-01-08

PHPWidgets! 0.92 is released

The newest version of PHPWidgets is out, the code has been cleaned up, and security has been improved, this release prepares the way for diskcaching (have a browse of the CVS for the start of this). There are a handful of changes that need to be made to existing code (see the UPGRADE file)... the demo site has been updated with these changes.

The update package (needed for sessions support and <!-- IF VAR --> blocks) has not been changed for this release.

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2000-09-06

Feedback / suggestions on PHPWidgets! inital release...

We want to hear what you have to say about PHPWidgets!' first release
Head on over to:
and post your feedback & suggest improvements...

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2000-06-22

PHPWidgets! Alpha released!

I am happy to annouce that the first PHPWidgets! alpha has been released to the public,
also the PHPWidgets! homepage has been updated with a demo of the code in action:
check it out at

PHPWidgets! is a project to build dynamic webpages using resusable peices of HTML and PHP code refered to as widgets. ( Project page )... read more

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2000-06-20

Upgrade for PHPLIB's w/ session support

First file relase for PHPWidgets! is a patched up version of!
for PHPLIB, this one includes \&lt;b>full support for sessions\&lt;/b> (no need to purl
the links, so Get mode will work), along with support for \&lt;b>variable exists\&lt;/b>
block structures... i.e.
\&lt;!-- IF my_var -->
Your variable called my_var exists and has a value of {my_var}
\&lt;!-- ELSE my_var -->
my_var was not found
\&lt;!-- ENDIF my_var -->
This update applies to PHPLIB 7.3.
It was built on a Debian 2.2 Linux box w/ PHP 3.0.16 and
the PHPLIB7.3-dev3.1 deb package.

Posted by Garth Dahlstrom 2000-06-04