phpWebSite 0.9.3-3 Stable released

The development team at Appalachian State University has released version 0.9.3-3 of phpWebsite. The focus of this release was to address bugs. There have also been several user submitted patches applied. Developed by the Web Technology Group at Appalachian State University, phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management system. All client output is XHTML 1.0 and meets the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative requirements.

Changes Include:
Search revision which improves site wide search abilities
Improvements to photoalbum slideshow for modem and IE users
What's related On/Off patch (Thanks Shaun Murray)
Post processing patch for phatform (Thanks Rob Willett)
Remember Me login patch (Thanks Michael Filio)
Added debug theme (Thanks Mike Noyes)
Added W3C Core Styles (Thanks Wendall Cada)
BBcode Parsing ability (Thanks Don Seiler)

The phpWebSite Development Team

Posted by Steven Levin 2004-05-21