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phpWebSite 0.9.3 RC1 Released

Get it here: http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu/downloads/rc/phpwebsite-0.9.3-rc1.tar.gz

Or rsync your own copy:

rsync -rt phpwebsite.appstate.edu::testing-core .
rsync -rt phpwebsite.appstate.edu::testing-modules/xxxx mod
rsync -rt phpwebsite.appstate.edu::testing-themes/xxxx themes

For more information on rsync visit:



Well folks we've released the first release candidate for 0.9.3. It is available via download or via rsync which was recently setup. A special thanks to Mike Noyes and Jeremy Agee for all their help in getting rsync up and working.

For more details about changes in this release and in future releases please review this:


Please download and test your copy today and post any bugs to our sourceforge bug tracker.

Thank You!
The phpWebSite Team

Posted by Adam Morton 2003-06-27