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New release of PSA has been made available to the public. The new release is a minor maintenance release to resolve some problems with MySQL 5 and reserved words.

Posted by Justin Koivisto 2006-08-07

Version 4.0.1 Release

There is now a new release with some bug fixes regarding the MDB PEAR package that is used for database interactive.

Posted by Justin Koivisto 2006-01-10

PSA 4.0 Release

The first release of PSA 4.0 has been made. This release uses the same code base as the last beta version (tested for quite a few months) as well as an added feature to allow administrators to set an expiration date on accounts.

Posted by Justin Koivisto 2005-07-26


So far, PSA4 is functional - except for the supplemental UI. The class has been reworked to interface with PEAR::MDB instead of Metabase, and so far the _restrict.php file is working. The next step will be to get all the UI pages arranged and functional. Also, I have some work to do on the SQL queries that are used in the class, and will get to them when I start work on the UI.

I have been thinking of possibly setting up another restriction method that checks for GET or POST variables. Then there would be 4 or 5 access methods instead of just 2:... read more

Posted by Justin Koivisto 2004-07-30