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phPOP3clean 0.9.17 released

phPOP3clean 0.9.17 adds much more automated support for automatic filtering without manually updating definitions or blacklists, thanks to support for DNSBL lookup, as well as behaviour-based blacklisting (e.g. domains that resolve to 20 random IPs).

Posted by James Heinrich 2008-05-23

phPOP3clean 0.9.12 released

This release fixes the SERVER CONNECTION LOST error, and exposes many configuration settings for wider server compatability.

Posted by James Heinrich 2006-08-06

phPOP3clean released (v0.9.0)

phPOP3clean is a PHP-based spam & virus/worm filtering for POP3 email accounts. It is designed to run as a cron job and catch spam based on links to blacklisted IPs, obfuscated words or blacklisted phrases in the message body, attached-image spam, email worms, and corrupted or malformed emails.

Posted by James Heinrich 2005-03-12