PhpMyLibrary-enabled website.

Updated April 2, 2004. To see an actual implementation/demonstration of this software do visit the following website. This will help you decide if it suits your library needs or requirements. I'm sure live iinstallation/application of PhpMyLibrary sites will help you decide if it fits your library automation needs.

april 2, 2004

Network of Department of Medical Services' Library
Ministry of Public Health Nonthaburi 4725 total collection
Tel.0 2590 6379 Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux)

mar 19, 2004

A new PhpMyLibrary-enabled library has been setup for the world wide web users. Their library consists of 4832 collection. The library name is Network of Department of Medical Services' Library. It was installed on Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux). Their address, Network of Department of Medical Services' Library Ministry of Public Health Nonthaburi Tel.0 2590 6379. It can be viewed at

mar 18, 2004

I'm very proud to announce the online installation of their PhpMyLibrary enabled website which consists 70,920 collection. This is now the large online collection that uses PhpMyLibrary as of this date. The PhpMyLibrary was installed as postnuke module.

Perpustakaan Universitas Sumatera Utara University of North Sumatra Library Jalan Perpustakaan #1, Kampus USU, Medan 20155, Indonesia Tel. +62 +61 8218666 (Hunting), Fax. 8213108 URL:

Amigos Library Services 28,311 collection. So far the large online collection that uses PhpMyLibrary. (Now, the second)

mar 9, 2004
British Institute of Florence

Teologic Adventist Biblioteca with 11270 items and 191 readers. Installed atop postnuke content management system as a module. I like the theme very much. Language use: Spanish

University of the Philippines Population Institute, the collection was imported from the CDS/ISIS ISO source. The total collection is 3, 820. The program was installed atop Postnuke Content Management System The library is open at 8am to 5 pm Philippines time, monday to friday, thus the web server is only available during this time. Philippine time GMT+8. I've installed/configured this as a student assistant during my college year 1998-2002 and amazingly this is still online but during regular days only because of power fluctuation at night.

The Royal Thai Air Force Library 14,516 collection. In Thai language. Experience the power of multi-language searching. The stored data is not written in English.

NetFARM Digital Library. This site is still exprementing if the PhpMyLibrary software is suitable for thier collection. As i've seen it, it still have the sample collection created from first installation. One thing that is different in this installation is the language. I don't know what language it is. Better see it for yourself. The site webserver seems to be slow. Expect it. d102003

PhpMyLibrary Demo Site 1,199 collection. Installed as a stand-alone application

Quezon City Philippines E-Library project consisted
of 34 elementarty and high school libraries.

The PhpMyLibrary software was installed on every library using one (1) Mandrake Linux 9.2 as server with nine (9) PC with Mozilla Firefox browser installed on a Win9x/2000/xp computers acting as a PhpMyLibrary client PC. This is the project of the Quezon City Government Philippines under Mayor Sonny Belmonte initiative. The following are the schools which already have PhpMyLibrary:

1. Juan Sumolong High School
2. Judge Juan Luna High School
3. Esteban Abada High School
4. Novaliches High School
5. Rosa Susano Elementary School
6. Aurora A. Quezon High School
7. Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School
8. Quirino High School
9. E. Rodriguez High School

The PhpMyLibrary will be installed on the 23 schools during this month.

The Quezon City Library has also chosen to install the PhpMyLibrary on their website. One Mandrake server was used as a PhpMyLirary server, and 10 mandrake 9.2 linux pc has been used as a client PC for PhpMyLibrary OPAC.

The Q.C. Library will be launched this March 16, 2004. This will also include the launching of the 6 Q.C. Library branches. This is also from the initiative of Q.C. Government under Mayor Sonny Belmonte.

More sites to come as I track it manually at If you want to add/remove/edit your PhpMyLibrary-enabled in this listing please do email me at polerio at users dot sourceforge dot net Thank you for your interest in PhpMyLibrary.

Note: If you would like to install PhpMyLibrary online please don't remove the @ PhpMyLibrary word at the bottom of your PhpMyLibrary website. This will help google(world fastest search engine) track the PhpMyLibrary enabled website which in turn help me track you thus you don't have an obligation of manually sending your library name to me, I will just search google. Thanks. Online installation of PhpMyLibrary helps the beginner evaluate the capability of PhpMyLibrary, hope you get the idea.

Just want to remark. PhpMyLibrary seems to be still crpytic in a sense that some people found it hard to install this software as of this date. But I think this is just your investment, time. PhpMyLibrary costs you nothing. I wish there could be a Masteral or Doctoral student who has the initiative to create a well documented PhpMyLibrary manual. I will do my best to participate. This could be your big share to the open source. Thanks.

Posted by Charles Fiddler 2003-12-01