• Spedwards

    Ok I need a bit of help with the chat. I am to used to 0.14.6 :p

    On my index page I want to fix the area but it's not where I
    thought it would be.

    Also I want to remove

    Messages are deleted after 96 hours,
    and inactive users after 10 minutes.

    on the index.

    Plus, the credits down near the footer (including the donate).

    Also what file is the default, private and public rooms located? I would like
    to change the default rooms and remove the option to select private and public

  • Spedwards

    Also, instead of having the random quotes coming up at random times, I
    wouldn't mind having a command /quote so any user could bring a quote by
    typing that.

  • In reverse order:

    1. I'll have to come up with a new command /quote to do that. Maybe in future versions.
    2. Title, Extra info, rooms and many other personalizations of your chat are now very easy to be made going to Administration/Configuration tab (Admin Panel).
      As for removing credits: it is not allowed by Copyrights!

    Donation buttons and search box can be displaced only if the owner makes a one
    time donation to the project.

    You jumped in directly to change files and you broke the chat. Next time think
    twice before doing so...

    Best thoughts,


  • BTW... your site is running on php v5.3.8 which might bring some issues, as
    phpMyChat is not fully compatible with >5.3 versions. Only <5.2.xx

    There are a few functions that have been deprecated in php 5.3 like ereg and
    ereg_replace. Those must be changed to preg, str, preg_replace and
    str_replace, but it's not totally done yet.

    Let's hope it will work satisfactory...