Schedule problem

  • First, thanks for this wonderful software.
    I have a problem with the scheduled backup.
    I have configured the scheduled backup to execute every day. Then I have created a task in windows XP on my computer to run schedule.php every day at 2am.
    My computer is always locked but not logged off during the night and windows task runs even if the computer is idle.
    The problem is that the schedule does not run on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays 2am.
    It coincides with the days I don't work but I don't know where and how to find a solution.
    Is it windows xp task or is the schedule?
    Thank you.

    • <?php
      // This code was created by phpMyBackupPro v.2.1
      $_POST['db']=array("yellowseed_gaia", );
      // This is the relative path to the phpMyBackupPro v.2.1 directory

      i have also the same problem i didn't get the autorun script.This script was generated automatically what i have to do for automatic schedule backup.Any body help and tell for brief in detail


  • Anonymous

    HELP! I have the same problem. Why make a feature and not care to explain about it?
    What needs to be done with the php-script generated by phpmybackup to ensure that these backups are executed in the rhythm specified?
    Thanks for some instruction.

    • Dirk

      This feature is explained very well!
      Just click the "help" link on the "schedueld backup" page!

      In fact, it is quite simple - just include the created PHP script in another frequently clicked web site.
      e.g. add this at the end of you websites index.php
      include "backup_script.php;