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phpMiniAdmin - new features announce

I found that some hosting providers moving from phpMyAdmin to phpMiniAdmin as main solution for accessing user’s MySQL databases due to installation simplicity and 10x faster performance:
- http://www.110mb.com ( they even created nice installation help http://www.110mb.com/phpmyadmin/ )
- http://www.quotaless.com

From the forums on those hosting sites I’ve analyzed complaints about phpMiniAdmin and now I am ready to announce new features coming in nearest 1.4 version:
- ability to put multiple SQL queries in the input area and execute them correctly
- ability to import from .gz and .zip files (it’s really better to upload large DBs as zipped files, isn’t it? ;)

Other problems ('Settings screen' bug, inability to import DB dumps) was fixed recently – see previous project news.

Also for 1.5 version I am going to add ability to Add/Edit table rows from ‘select * from table’.

Anyway, if you believe that phpMiniAdmin missing some important and frequently used feature, submit a ticket using SourceForge’s Tracker http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=181023&atid=895535

And of course, I will try to keep script simple to use and tiny in size.


Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-16