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#5 PHPLIB (is page_open() defined): No



I am tryint to set up imp with my webserver, but I am getting a fatal error wheni am trying to run

I have set up horde and imp following the instructions precisely. My
test.php3 page in the horde directory lists the follwing configuration.

Horde Versions

Horde: 1.2.7
IMP: 2.2.7

PHP Version

PHP Version: 3.0.18
PHP Major Version: 3
PHP Minor Version: 18
PHP Version Classification: release
Your PHP3 version is recent. You should not have any problems with
Horde modules, provided that you have applied the patch(es) described in

PHP Module Capabilities

IMAP Support: Yes
LDAP Support: No
MySQL Support: Yes
PostgreSQL Support: No

PHPLIB Configuration

track_vars: Yes
PHPLIB (is page_open() defined): No

Miscellaneous PHP Settings

magic_quotes_gpc set to Off: Yes
magic_quotes_runtime set to Off: Yes

I configured defaults.php3 with the setup.php3 script. The only thing I
do not have is ispell (so I left it blank). Perhaps somewhat unusual
also is that sendmail sits in an different location, in /usr/lib/, as I
have everything running on an SGI Irix machine (Irix 6.5.04) - and
that's where it puts sendmail. I also configured mysql with the script
provided - the username exists, and the "horde" database has been
created as per instructions.

However, when I go to the
page,( is my webserver) then click on the imp
link, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function page_open() in
mailbox.php3 on line 104

If I have a look at the mailpox.php3 script, the function on p 104 is as

page_open(array('sess' => 'HordeSession'));

I get the same error when I try to open newuser.php3, i.e. go to . The error points
toline 19, whhere the same function is accessed:

page_open(array('sess' => 'HordeSession'));

I think the problem lies in the fact that my test.php3 script lists:

PHPLIB (is page_open() defined): No

But I can't seem to change it.

Can anyone help me with this?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.




  • Ignatius Teo
    Ignatius Teo

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    Have you included or required the necessary PHPLIB scripts
    somewhere in your scripts?

    You will need to call prepend from some
    stage....preferably before you call page_open() ???


  • Ignatius Teo
    Ignatius Teo

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