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Matthew Orres

PHP Draft is a web-based Fantasy Sports drafting tool intended for fantasy leagues that handle their drafts "offline". The commisioner logs in and enters each draft pick, and all other draft participants can publicly view draft progress live.

Code is hosted in a Mercurial repository on Bitbucket:


Fork your own repository and make a pull request if you have some code changes you'd like integrated into the project!

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A view of the newly re-designed draft board, optimized for minimal bandwidth usage and ease of use.
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A view of the main commisioner page for a draft that is in progress. Everything you need to do as commisioner contained in the menu to the right.
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Search by team & position! As a manager, do you need to know if Jonathan Stewart is still available? Use this search tool!
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A view of the new(er) trades funciton (new since v1.1). Trades can be entered by the commish during the draft, and can include any mix of draft picks and players (as long as each manager is getting at least 1 thing back!)
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A view of the round-by-round draft results via Ajax.
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The fun draft statistics page. Updated throughout a live draft, this offers fun (usually useless) stats about your draft and its managers.

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