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Moin Haque
  • Moin Haque
    Moin Haque

    Hi again!

    I am trying to use the multi-process command, but not sure why its not working. I have followed the instructions for the requirements, and in my phpinfo I can see this in the configuration command:

    '-enable-posix' '-enable-sysvmsg' '-enable-sysvshm' '-enable-sysvsem'

    However, when I run the example.php script but adding multi process, I get the error message:

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'PHPCrawl running with multi processes not supported in this PHP-environment (function posix_kill() missing).Try installing the PHP POSIX-extension.'

    Or if I swap the them around in the PHPCrawl class to make test the semaphore bit, then this error:

    PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'PHPCrawl running with multi processes not supported in this PHP-environment (function sem_get() missing).Try installing the PHP SEMAPHORE-extension.'

    So it doesnt think I have set those extensions, even though I have. I am running it on a Linux Centos server, and using the command line.

    Anyone have any idea why this might be the case?


  • Hi again,

    seems like the extensions are not (properly) installed.
    I dont't know much about CentOS, sorry, maybe there are other required underlying packeges you have to install
    in order to get the PHP-extensions working on centos.

    You can try just a simple testscript:


    If PHP says "no such function" something is "wrong" with the installed extension.

    Did you compile PHP youself?

  • Moin Haque
    Moin Haque

    That script brings up the error message saying its undefined, but only when running it from CLI. When running it from the browser, then it is defined, so its something only to do with running from CLI for some reason.

    I didnt compile it myself, I paid someone else to do it for me, and he is working on it now too. I thought I would get any ideas here if someone had the same problem.


  • Sorry, i have no idea, never had such a problem with Debian/Ubuntu/Suse. Just installed the appropriate packages and everything workd fine (apache-module AND CLI).

    Maybe you should ask in a CentOS or general PHP forum.

    Good luck!

  • Moin Haque
    Moin Haque

    Hi, just to let you know he figured it out in the end. It was something to do with the RPMs he used to build the PHP. He reconfigured them, built PHP again and now its working.

    Thanks for the replies.



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