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0.6.3 bugfix release

0.6.3 fixes the return values for addZone and addRecord.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-09-18

0.6.2 released

0.6.2 has been released. The following API actions are now supported:

- Soft and hard reboots of a slice.
- Renaming a slice.
- Creating a new slice.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-09-03


I've released a non-backward-compatible change. Specifically, the following three methods were renamed for consistency:
- allZones is now listZones
- allSlices is now listSlices
- zoneRecords is now listZoneRecords

I've also added the ability to list the available flavors, images, and backups.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-09-02

0.5.0 - Initial release

The initial release lets you examine information associated with your slice, and gives you full control over the DNS zones for your account.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-03-06