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#6 Adds new servlet aware context factory


I modified the servlet PhpJavaServlet, HttpSessionFacade and added the necessary classes (following the current structure) for creating a context factory.

The main purpose of these changes are that PHP scripts can access applications that runs whitin J2EE server and can only be discovered through servlet context, for example a Spring managed application.

The changes in PhpJavaServlet are minimal, only added a protected method that constructs the context factory.


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    the servlet, servletContext, servletRequest are already protected since 4.0.2.

    I will change the visibility of getContext() and add a hook which allows you to wait for it. The patch is attached.

    Here's the new FAQ entry:

    How can is access the Servlet, ServletContext or ServletRequest from a remote PHP script?
    Unless you write your own servlet, you can't. The default implementation of the PhpJavaServlet does not wait for a RemoteServletContextFactory to finish because it cannot reliably determine if a remote script terminated or not.

    If you can provide this information, override the PhpJavaServlet's getContextFactory(). Provide your own RemoteServletContextFactory and create a custom Context in your createContext() method. Then wait for the context by overriding the waitForContext() method.. Ask yourself how to handle a situation where a script asks for a context but doesn't do anything with it, for example: <?php java_context(); ?>. I it okay that the servlet waits 10 minutes until the orphaned context is destroyed?

    Is that okay?

    File Added: php-java-bridge-4.0.2.patch

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    File Added: php-java-bridge-4.0.2.patch

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