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  • Production-ready. Starting with version 0.4.17, 'pha' is ready for production usage on all tested platforms and operating systems.

    The only thing that is still missing is the option to work from <stdin> - but it'll soon be available.

  • version 0.4.25 implements hashing from standard input, and a proper man(1) page.

  • version 0.4.29 implements hash width detection by executable file name (eg. `pha256sum'), and has an updated man(1) page.

  • version 0.4.57 brings many improvements: a "less strong" (but faster) hash method, a "benchmark"-like report in CSV format with optional header, a fix for global log file command-line argument, improved cpu detection on linux and cygwin, and even bigger (~1GiB) 'demo' tests.