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RDF-Helper-1.05 Released.

Bugfix to Helper::Object to use new generic TiedPropertyHash. (h/t to darobin for the fix).

Posted by Kip Hampton 2006-08-17

RDF-Helper-1.03 Released

Many major improvements in this release, including the new pure-DBI-based BaseInterface and a new, unified API that brings all BaseInterfaces into parity.

Posted by Kip Hampton 2006-08-16

RDF-Helper-0.31 Uploaded

More docs patches, updated Helper::RDFCore to bring it to closer parity with RDFRedland.

Posted by Kip Hampton 2006-07-10

RDF-Helper-0.27 Uploaded

This version includes several bugfixes, new features, and a ton of new docs (much thanks to Nacho for his many contributions).

Assuming this passes tests for everyone, it will appear on CPAN soon.

Posted by Kip Hampton 2006-07-09