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#28 Interface - Button(s) location

Garry W. Cook

> A couple of enhancements I was thinking of:
> On the graph display pages it might be better to add
the buttons (main
> menu, redraw graph, etc.) to the box above the
graph. On smaller screens
> I have to scroll down to redraw the graph if I make
changes to any of
> the fields.

Yes, this is a problem. The reason for this is simple.
The graph takes
time to draw. If there were buttons there, the user
might be tempted to
press them before the page has finished, thinking that
they need to
press them to get the graph.

The only elegant solution to this I believe is to use
JavaScript to hide
the button until the graph is drawn. Not a hard thing,
just not had the
time. Can you add that to the project page as a
suggested enhancement?