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#24 Some nice features


Hi there.

First of all, i love your plug in. It's the best out there in
terms of compatibility. And for a SW renderer, it's got
quite decent speed. Very nice work.

I was thinking of a few feature ideas... maybe u could
take a look at them.

There was a previus post talking about 32 bit rendering...
ya, it'd be great! Very nice shading, cooler graphics...
that'd be sweet.

As there are several games with different resolutions.
Also I've notied that some screens get awfully
stretched... like a 640x480 main menu displaying like a
640x240 or something... and it happens with some (like
in several) games.

I was thinking that, in order to correct this, it could be
implemented a fixed "drawable" area in the
fullscreen/windowed view. I mean, like setting
fullscreen/window at 800x600, but setting a fixed
("stretched" if u want to put it that way) "drawable" area
of 640x480 or any other resolution, so it wouldn't be any
distortion. Or restrict ("stretch") that fixed area to a true
1:1 (or n:n) PSX resolution. That way, games like
FinalFantasy (1-6) or any other sprite-based (or 2d/3d
hybrid games like FinalFantasyTactics or BreathOfFire)
could be seen flawlessly.

Well, it's an idea. =P

And that true 32 bit rendering thing... yay!! That'd be
AWSOME just by itself!!!

Keep up the good work guys. I'm very thankfull ppl like u
can give us the chance to play those cool psx games in
a superior plataform that a personal computer is.


PD: My mail is last_pucho@hotmail.com