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#13 Scale2x version 1.5 is out with new algorithm

Kimmo Hassinen

Scale2x version 1.5 is now available with new Scale3x
algorithm. Description of it with pictures is here:

I have done some testing with new algorithm on couple
low-resolution pictures and IMHO it's quite good. It's
pixelshapes are closer to original than with Scale2x and
much sharper.

I've made examples from couple of gamepictures on how
Scale3x & 4x filters compare to Scale2x. 1.42mb package
is available here:

Personally i like the quality of Scale3x quite a lot and it
would be nice to have Scale3x on P.e.o.p.s as it already
has Scale2x. There are of course serious speed issues,
but as this mode is between Scale2x and 4x and works a
bit differently from them it might be not too slow...

Well, at least i think this is worth experimenting with to
see how well it works and is it too slow or not. :)


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    Yeah, but scale4x too. why not? and it isn't so slow (although
    slower, of course)