#60 glitches with soft GPU 117


Hi, first of all, thanks for the great job you're doing :)

Been using gpupeopssoftwin117.zip for some time, and
I've been having this problem:

Now and then, after being playing for a while, the screen
turns black... sometimes never happens, sometimes
happen 10min after start playing.

I know the game continues running, because if I do
something with the game controls, I can hear the sound
of the action (shooting, jumping), so it looks like it's only
a GPU problem, that turned gaga.

Also, this happens to me with all games, so the problem
is not related to a specific game.

I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 9200... and everything is
installed correctly and running smoothly (directx9c,
service packs, etc)


  • Tobias Käs
    Tobias Käs

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    This sounds like a screensaver turning on, or monitor going
    into energy-saving mode.

    I also have this, with any game using a gamepad. I guess
    it's windows fault since it doesn't recognize gamepad input
    as "active input" or whatever.

    Simple fix: Move the mouse or press a key every some minutes.
    In windowed mode you can do that even after screen went
    black, and it will come back to live. In fullscreen mode you
    might get stuck and have to alt+tab out of it.

    Assuming you are running Windows XP, you also could right
    click on windows desktop, chose properties and go to the
    'Screensaver' tab. Increase waiting time for both
    screensaver and energy saving mode (or just disable them).
    Other versions of Windows might have similar options.