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putwin() support planned for 2.9?

  • john yossarian
    john yossarian

    I was a user of 2.6 and I recently upgraded to 2.8.
    I noticed putwin() was now added (for placeholder purposes) since 2.7, however 2.8 release notes say nothing about it and attempts to use the function return zero. I assume then 2.8 still has a neutered putwin();

    is putwin() [and similar commands] support planned for the 2.9 release?


    • Certainly I hope that these will be fleshed out in a future version. If you have ideas or code to contribute to that end, please do.

    • Working putwin(), getwin() and scr_*() are in CVS now.

    • Please let me know if the implementation of these functions in PDCurses 3.0 meets your expectations.