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#347 Freezes when inserting CF card on SMP, works with 'nosmp'

Roger Larsson

SuSE 9.0 (kernel 2.4.21)
External PCMCIA (version 3.2.4, with patch that
"reduces kernel stack usage for the PCMCIA
CIS processing code".)

When inserting a CF card (Lexar) the computer freezes.
If I start the same configuration with Linux kernel option 'nosmp'
it works...


  • David Hinds
    David Hinds

    Logged In: YES

    You will have to do a bit more for me, like tell me what kind of
    computer this is, what kind of PCMCIA bridge device, etc.

    What patch is this that "reduces kernel stack usage"? I
    implemented this change in 3.2.7 but did not make a patch
    for earlier releases so I wonder why anyone would modify an
    old release rather than just using 3.2.7?

    And since you are using SuSE, have you tried toggling over
    to the (recommended) kernel PCMCIA subsystem?

    -- Dave

  • Roger Larsson
    Roger Larsson

    Logged In: YES

    Had some of that information in the report when I accidently closed that
    window and had to rewrite it.

    Computer is at work so I can not fill in the details today.

    About the patch: I was the one that found the problem initially,
    I modified the patch for 3.2.4 since that was what SuSE had

    I will try to update to the latest and retest - Monday.

  • David Hinds
    David Hinds

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry, I also did not recognize your name. You've now
    reported multiple difficulties with Lexar CF flash cards to
    me in private email. It is not clear to me how this report
    relates to your other reports.

    -- Dave

  • Roger Larsson
    Roger Larsson

    Logged In: YES

    Now tried with kernel 2.4.25-pre8 (kernel drivers, has stack
    reduction patch)

    [SuSE have a special build system that allows you to use
    both kernel and external pcmcia - but it makes the build system
    more complex. I have not figured it out...]

    Computer: Dell 410 Workstation
    2 * Pentium II 350 MHz
    SCSI controller AIC-7880 and 7890 (disabled)
    3Com 3C905b-TX (3C917 ASIC)
    IO controller National PC 87309
    ISA bridge: 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 ISA (rev 02)

    PCMCIA host
    SimpleStation PnP ISA
    PnP info: "SCM0469/844131920[0]{SCM SwapBox
    Plug and Play}"
    Intel ISA PCIC probe
    Vadem VG-469 ISA-to-PCMCIA at port 0x3e0 ofs
    0x00, 2 sockets
    ISA irqs (scanned) = 3 polling interval = 1000 ms

    modprobe i82365 irq_list=3 poll_interval=100 (COM2 disabled)

    Yes, it is a strange mix SMP with APIC and an old ISA board, but
    it has worked with very little problem for several years...

    What is new is really only the compact flash model.
    We have used SanDisk for years, but when they got delivery
    problems we tried with Lexar.

    When using a SanDisk in this configuration it works.
    When using a Lexar the computer freezes... (NumLock works
    but nothing else)

  • David Hinds
    David Hinds

    Logged In: YES

    When the lockup happens, can you use alt-sysrq functions?
    There are tips in the PCMCIA-HOWTO for narrowing down
    exactly when a lockup happens (i.e. use a text console, and
    direct all kernel messages to the console). I would first
    boot up, insert a known-ok card, remove that, and then
    insert the Lexar card, since there is some stuff that
    happens the first time a card is detected (memory and IO
    port probes), but not for later insertions.

    -- Dave