#292 need separate options for desktop backgrounds and icons


Using --desktop performs multiple functions, including (but maybe not exhaustive) managing different backgrounds for different desktops as well as enabling desktop icons. I want the former but not the latter. The "documentation" (which I've read several times without finding an answer) does not document how to enable different backgrounds on different desktops WITHOUT having the icons show.

My solution, found by trial-and-error, was to set the Desktop directory in my home to 555 perms (i.e., readonly). This works, but is not obvious or clearly documented anywhere.


  • There is no possibility to have no icons support for the desktop while have desktop background management still at the moment. Such possibility is planned for 1.2 release. I change this ticket to Feature Requests tracker since it's not a bug really but missing feature. Thank you very much.

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  • The feature to disable desktop icons for selected monitor is implemented in current GIT sources for PCManFM.
    Your hack will be not required anymore.
    Thank you very much.