#734 Multiple selection and search doesn't work in desktop

pcmanfm (119)

- Multiple selection on desktop using Shift key, clicking on the first and last file of selection range, doesn't work.
- Search function on desktop, typing a character key to highlight a file, doesn't work.

DistroRelease: Lubuntu 13.04 & 13.10 daily build
Package: pcmanfm 1.1.0-0ubuntu2
PCManFM 1.1.0 and Git version


  • Selection with Shift key cannot work on desktop because desktop isn't just a list of items - you can place items on desktop in random places -for example, if you place them by triangle then which ones should be selected - two or three? So it's not bug but feature. :)
    Search by typing is a good feature suggestion, I'll try to implement it in version 1.2.
    Thank you very much.

    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • milestone: 3172103 --> 1.2

  • Anonymous

    Using an old Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD with Gnome 2.26.1, the selection with Shift key is avaliable.

    In the next example (see the linked pic), I've created three folders and three icons named sequentially with ordinals and I disordered it. Then I did a selection using Shift key from 3rd folder to 2nd file. It can be selected by time of creation, from older to newer:


    In MS Windows XP it's also possible to do a Shift multiselection, but with bugs. MS WXP selects a file group sequentially by position, but sometimes it fails and doesn't select any files depending on the relative position between elements.

    Search by typing is also available in most desktop environments.

    This features seems to be common on other desktops. It would be reasonable add it to PCManFM desktop.


  • Anonymous

    Would it be possible add a Shift selection by grid position?

  • In theory that may be possible but that will confuse many users when they see some items came selected and others not. You said yourself, it works differently on different desktops and confuses you as well. So sorry, range selection on desktop will be not supported still, only Ctrl-selection. Though you can use area selection instead of range selection.

  • I've implemented interactive search for the desktop. It is in GIT repository and it will be in daily builds approximately in 16 hours. Test it when it's possible for you and if you find something unsatisfying then feel free to reopen the report.
    Thank you very much.

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    • status: open --> closed-fixed