#534 inconsistent drag-and-drop behavior

libfm (281)

I realize this is the same as #2982244 but that was deleted without comment, so I am posting anyway. In "Icon," "Thumbnail," or "Compact" views, drag and drop behavior is as expected: click an unselected icon and drag the mouse to move the icon. In "Detailed List View" this is not the case. Clicking on any unselected icon and dragging always results in a selection. The ONLY way to click-and-drag in this view is to click once to select the icon and click AGAIN and hold to drag it. Is this an intentional design decision? It seems odd that it would only happen in this one view if that is the case.
using: PCManfm 0.9.10


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  • This seems to be the same cause as #3008979 but when single-click is off. Thank you for the report.

  • omega15

    That would make sense. In single-click mode, the initial selecting click happens automatically on hovering. It's rather more annoying in double-click-to-open mode where the user has to do all the work. ;)

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  • We hope this issue is completely fixed in the Git repository recently.
    Check it out when it's possible for you and if the bug still exists then reopen the report, please.
    Thank you very much.

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