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Parallel Colt version 0.8 released

- Added JPlasma 1.0.
- New, multithreaded versions of dense Cholesky and QR decompositions (JPlasma is used).
- Added CSparseJ 1.0.
- Added sparse Cholesky, LU and QR decompositions (CSparseJ is used).
- Added SparseDoubleAlgebra and SparseFloatAlgebra.
- Added 2D and 3D dense floating point matrices with elements stored in multidimensional arrays (to avoid 2^31 size limitation).
- Removed JCublas.
- Removed corejava (replaced by String.format()).
- Fixed few bugs in MRNSD and CGLS.
- Some refactoring and many cosmetic changes.

Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2009-06-19