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. Added "$TERMINAL{get_prompt}" to PAC Scripts' API, in order to "try" to guess connection's prompt with minimal effort
. Added an option to allow starting more than one PAC instance (only first instance allows modifying PAC configuration)
. Added option "--readonly" to command line to allow starting PAC in READ ONLY mode (no config changes allowed)
. Much more love given to PAC Scripts (engine and gui)
. Added DONATORS list to PAC on "About" -> "License". To all of you: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
. Added an option to allow to remove or not CONTROL chars when automatinc log saving is active (on both global/pero connection preferences)
. Added "--dump-uuid=>uuid>" command line option to dump information about a connection
. Added "--scripts" command line option to auto-start PAC Scripts window
. Added an option under "Preferences" -> "Terminal Options" -> "Look & Feel" to allow switching TABs with ALT-Left/Right instead of CTRL-PgUp/PgDown
. Added shortcut <CTRL><ALT>r to easily remove a Terminal from it's current Cluster
. Added $PAC{start_uuid} and $PAC{start_uuid_manual} to Scripting to allow starting sessions based on UUIDs instead of names
. Fixed a minor bug for autostarting PAC at session startup
. Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from using a proxy under some circumstances (no ip/port defined on Global Preferences)
. Fixed some minor glitch

  • David.
Posted by David Torrejón Vaquerizas 2013-12-13