RDP passwords beginning with #

  • Rui Cordeiro
    Rui Cordeiro

    If RDP passwords beginning with # are saved and checked for auto login the login is not possible.

    Can anyone confirm this to me?


  • Chris Egger
    Chris Egger

    You may need to escape the "#".  I have passwords with "$" that have to be entered as "abc\$xyz" for them to work correctly

  • Hello there!

    Ok, this bug has been fixed for upcoming PAC, but remember that *you will have to remove any '\' characters you may have appended to the password*. That is: in, simply put your plain password (including any special character), without "escaping" it.

    - David.


  • Anonymous

    I'm using pac-4.1.2-all.deb and i'm still affected with the same bug described by slurp53: i need to use the escape character for '&'


  • Anonymous

    hello perseo22,
    i have tested v4.1.2.1 and the issue is fixed: passwords now accespts '&' without using escape characters.

    thank you very much.

  • Thanks to you for trying PAC!! :)
    - David.